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Model: t5ykblia
Product Summary: Wrension Bird HouseEnjoy Indoors or Out If a man lives is a "man"sion, where does a wren live? In a " wren"sion of course! This adorable, country home, features a picket fence windows and door outlines. This house has two separate cavities along with a removable back wall for easy c..
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Model: gljojpm9
Product Summary: Yankee Dipper 90 DegreeSquirrel Proof! Prevent large birds and squirrels from eating all your bird food! You save money on seed when you use a Yankee Dipper. The Dipper's four seed ports have individual weight sensitive perches. The positioning encourages smaller songbirds to eat, b..
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Model: iapkh5yo
Product Summary:  Droll Yankee FlipperSturdy & Easy to Clean  The Yankee Flipper is the definitive squirrel proof bird feeder. Birds love to eat from it, but grey squirrels are prevented from eating from it in a way that will make you smile. The weight activated feeding perch is calibrated to react ..
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Model: 6u0jn2rp
Product Summary: Yankee Tipper 360 Degree Sturdy & Easy to Clean  Attract ground feeders to a feeder with a seed tray without feeding squirrels! Save money on seed with a Yankee Tipper!  The Tipper’s 10" diameter weight sensitive feeding tray tips under the weight of a grey squirrel, but can hold th..
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Model: 8rkrrx70
Product Summary: Yankee Whipper 180 Degree Sturdy & Easy to Clean  The Whipper features four seed ports with individual weight sensitive perches. The curved perch positioning encourages cardinals and small songbirds to eat, but prevents squirrels from feeding. Each perch is individually sprung and c..
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